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Transmitting and receiving text and data covers a wide range these days.  From the radio teletype, to DMR, chat, messaging, and even email.  To ensure reliability of transmission and reception there has been a host of different protocols to deal with things like error correction, etc. 

Here are a few:

Amateur teleprinting over radio (AMTOR)
D-STAR (Digital Data) a high speed (128 kbit/s) - many have used it to replace analog modes in repeaters.
Hellschreiber, also referred to as  Hell
Multi Tone 63 (MT63)
Multiple frequency-shift keying (MFSK) modes such as

    Olivia MFSK

Packet radio (AX.25)
Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) - Used for tracking the location of a transmitter.  Some radios use it to automatically locate nearby repeaters instead of having to key every one in during your travels.
Phase-shift keying:
    31 baud binary phase shift keying: PSK31
    31 baud quadrature phase shift keying: QPSK31
    63 baud binary phase shift keying: PSK63
    63 baud quadrature phase shift keying: QPSK63
Radioteletype (RTTY)


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