Digital Voice (4)

   Digital voice uses Analog to Digital converters to convert the analog signal to a digital one.  After that it can be compressed or minipulated to help enchance the transmission or reliability of the data.  At the other end it is converted back to analog using a Digital to Analog converter so that it can be heard.  

   If the signal is strong enough to relay the data the quality is far and above analog tranmission.   It's like comparing FM to AM.

System Fusion



Free Digital Voice

FreeDV Homepage

e-Ham Review of FreeDV - I do like these reviews as they are by people who have tried it.  Of course taken with a grain of salt.





Digital Mobile Radio

Digital Mobile Radio - an open digtal mobile radio standard.  Some hams prever DMR over D-Star for the simple fact it's open.  The radios tend to cheaper as well.  The goal was low complexity and being able to interoperate across bands. 

DMR versus dPMR comparison - Wikipedia entry on DMR

DMR versus dPMR comparison - Part 1 of a series from Tait Communications.

Amateur Radio Guide to DMR - Looks to be a good reference on DMR and understanding it better.

What is DMR? | Tait Radio Academy - a good video on the introduction to DMR.




Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio

Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio - used for digital voice and data.  The advantage of digital voice over analog is that it uses less bandwith than AM, FM, and SSB.  The quality of the data is better for the same signal strength.  The fact that the voice codec chip is proprietary in nature some hams refuse to use it.  Especially since hams are known for inovations and improving on what's out there.   This also has seem to limit the number of manufacturers and the higher prices of D-Star radios. 

 D-Star Info - a terrific site from the looks of it on anything to do with D-Star. 

Say Yes To D-Star - An e-Ham users response to saying no to D-Star.  I don't know enough either way to confirm or deny it.  He mentions reading an article on saying no to D-Star.  Maybe it's the next link I give that he's referring to.

Say No To D-Star - An individuals thoughts on D-Star.  Again I haven't researched either enough to say which one is correct. 


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