Satellite Information


Project OSCAR - started in 1960 and was responsible for the construction of the first Amateur Radio Satellite OSCAR-1, that was successfully launched from Vandenberg AFB in California.  Visit for latest OSCAR news. 

AMSAT -Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Real Time Satellite Tracking - defaults to ISS

Using a Baofeng UV-5R to listen to satellites - you can use a ~$35 Baofeng UV-5R radio to listen to satellites such as the International Space Station and a lot of others.

Free satellite tracking software - Orbitron is a free software that can help you keep track of many different satellites so you can locate and listen/talk when they are closest to you.

There some others such as Gpredict.  A quick Google search and you can find what one suits your needs. 

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